Classes Back to Basics, Chef Skills 102 - Soups & Stews

Back to Basics Series - Chef Skills 103, Grilling, Roasting & Baking (Session 3 of 4)

Grilling, Roasting and Baking – Each method of cooking uses heat in a different way.  Learn which method works best for which cuts of meat and vegetables.


Chef Skills 102, Grilling, Roasting & Baking

A la Carte Option:  Instruction Fee - $175.00

You may also register for this class as part of the four part series entitled Back to Basics, Chef Skills 101:  The Series.  Follow the link for more information.

A la carte price includes:

  • hands on instruction with Chef Judy Wood
  • small class size
  • take home product, rather than sit down and consume the fruits of your labour, we'll pack up a selection of product for you to take home and enjoy with your family & friends
  • a 'cool tool' - in each of the classes in this series, Chef Judy will be selecting a cool professional tool that you must have to fully utilize the techniques she presents in class
  • recipes

Register online or call the Lakeview kitchen studio at 403.262.6333 to register by phone.

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