Classes Spring 2012 Class Schedule

0 0  Pizza… a license to eat!!!       Saturday May 26 10:30-1:00

Learn to make pizza just like they do in Italy with the best Italian flour.  In this class you will learn to make an authentique Italian pizza dough, and a delicious pizza sauce.     What is 00 flour?
This particular grind of flour is known first and foremost as the ideal type of flour for making a true Napoletana Pizza.
00 flour can be used for a variety of cooking but it brings a lightness and better quality texture and flavour to your pizza. 00 pizza flour has gluten as low as 5-7%.  The lower the gluten the better the pizza. $90


Back by popular demand - two classes only so don’t miss out!!!

Grilling In the Great Outdoors
Friday May 25 6:30 pm -SOLD OUT

Saturday May 26 2:30-5:00 pm

Tailgate grilling at its finest  Chef Judy will teach you how to be the master of your grill.
Learn Chefs secrets to grilling inside or out (weather permitting). This hands on class will take you through the steps to perfectly grilled meat and fish. (A great Fathers day gift). $100


Mexican Mania   Tuesday May 29 6:30 - 9:00pm

Mexican cooking is more than tacos and burritos. Join Chef Judy Wood and immerse yourself in Mexican family tradition with a truly hands on experience and learn the artistry behind theCocina Mexicana. Arrrrrrrriba!  $90.00

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